A consulting office specialized in Oncology R&D and Drug Manufacturing

Discover our offer:

Scientific writing and evaluation

Oncowitan can guide you through scientific expertise and scientific writing to help promoting and positioning your antitumour drug candidate, your innovative cancer targets, or your commercialized products, based on robust scientific analyses and 30 years of experience in oncology drug discovery.

You wish to write scientific publications, reports, brochures, Oncowitan is your partner to prepare and consolidate the scientific dossier, identify and analyze the documents and write with you.

Pharma projects

You need an independent, objective expertise of a scientific and/or pharmaceutical project in oncology? Oncowitan can provide a full analysis of drug or target discovery projects, whatever the biological mechanisms implicated and the type of products considered: synthetic molecules, biotechnology products, natural substances, generic products.

Oncowitan is also your partner to run collaborations and help you managing public-private partnerships. Oncowitan can promote dynamic exchanges within your scientific network.

CDMO support

Oncowitan can also strengthen your development and manufacturing project, to help you preparing the dossiers, selecting the appropriate CDMOs, manage the relationships with your partners, and contribute to your success. The aim of our support is to help you to be more efficient by economising time and resources, and, at the same time, speeding up your business processes.

You need to better control your manufacturing projects assigned to a specific CDMO in Europe? Oncowitan can assist you to follow the operations for/with you.

The main topics covered by Oncowitan include:

  • Life Sciences; Oncology
  • Drug Discovery; Drug Targets
  • Natural Products; Chemistry
  • Biotechnology (mAbs, ADC)
  • Branded/Generic Pharmaceuticals

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