Buscopan® is an anticholinergic agent used since the 1950’s to treat abdominal cramps, renal colic and pelvic spams. The drug, which can be administered orally or iv or as suppositories, is still used today in many countries in both Human and veterinary medicine. It is considered as an “Essential Medicines” by WHO. A close analogue, methscopolamine (or N-methyl-scopolamine which blocks muscarinic acetylcholine receptor) is also used to treat ulcers.

In the field of oncology, scopolamine butylbromide was recently found to be effective in preventing cholinergic syndrome induced by the anticancer drug irinotecan (used to treat advanced colon cancer in particular). The prophylactically administration of scopolamine butylbromide has been proposed to reduce the incidence of irinotecan-induced diarrhea.

Byzantine icon representing Saint George slaying the Dragon (to rescue a princess and town called Silene, in Libya), in the monastery of Decani (Serbia, 14th century). By analogy, Buscopan® would fight the evil…

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