Ustimon® (Hexobendine), from Laboratoires CLEVENOT (Nogent-sur-Marne, France), 1971 (poster)Hexobendine (N,N’-dimethyl,N’-bis-(3-(3′,4′,5’-trimethoxybenzoxy)-propyl)-ethylenediamine) is a coronary vasodilator which functions as an adenosine reuptake inhibitor. Adenosine is a naturally occurring substance with potent coronary vasodilator action, but it is rapidly inactivated in blood and other tissues. A much more prolonged duration of action can be obtained when using hexobendine, to block adenosine uptake and thus to enhance its effects. As such, hexobendine increases the arterial blood flow and exerts a coronary vasodilating action. The drug has been shown also to be a potent and long-lasting cerebral vasodilator. It dilates cerebral and coronary arteries, but slightly constricts femoral arteries, without any effects on heart rate and blood pressure. The drug was used in Europe (not US) to treat some cardiovascular diseases in the 1970s. No longer used today.

Ustimon® (Hexobendine), from Laboratoires CLEVENOT (Nogent-sur-Marne, France), 1971 (text)

An illustration of the drug action at the heart level, to bring a new vitality. A nice shiny and redish representation of a revitalized heart environment.

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