The syrup Psycho-Soma® (written Psico-somain some countries) was prescribed essentially to children with problems of behavior and psychomotor development. It contained magnesium bromoglutamate (a magnesium salt of L-glutamic acid) known for its sedative properties. The drug was recommended to reduce emotivity, nervousness, excessive agitation, irritability, and to improve locomotor activity. The product was also used for the treatment of mood and anxiety syndromes, insomnia, neuroses and different behavioral disorders in children. The active ingredient was found in Psycho-Soma® and other pharmaceutical specialties such as Psychoverlan® (capsules or syrup). The harmonizing effect of the drug on psychic and vegetative functions was underlined in clinical studies, reducing nervous disturbances in children and adolescents with behavior disorders..

The drug Psico-Soma® remains used today in some countries of central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, República Dominicana) but the composition has changed. The new version of Psico-Soma® apparently combines magnesium bromoglutamate and promethazine hydrochloride, a well-known phenothiazine drug which has also sedative properties.

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