The drug evocatively named “Ordinator” was indicated to patients suffering from loss of memory, or memory lapse, or in a slump, to combat a temporary lack of focus, a so-called “intellectual viscosity”. The active principle of Ordinator® was fenozolone, a 4-oxazolidinone derivative (5-phenyl-2-ethylamino-4-oxazolidone) with psychostimulant effects, analogue to pemoline (another psychostimulant used to treat fatigue). The drug was useful to improve maintenance of attention during monotonous stimulation, and to reinforce psychic activity..

Fenozolone was considered as an amphetamine-like drug, increasing transmission of monoamines and acting as a norepinephrine-dopamine releasing agent (NDRA). The drug was removed from sale in France in 1997. There are now better products to treat cognitive deficits.


The cover image, with red and black squares arranged geometrically, could be associated with psychedelic art, quite popular in the 1970s. A psychedelic pattern, with polygonal motifs, like waves in motion, supposed to refer to computers and memories…

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