The active principle of Cleregil® was deanol aceglutamate, also known as demanol aceglumate (formally named 2-(dimethylamino)ethanol (DMAE) N-acetyl-glutamate). Cleregil® was a potent anxiolytic compound, known as Nooclerin® in other countries. It is one of the oldest nootropic drugs, i.e. a substance which improves cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation.

Two formulations of Cleregil® were proposed. One for adults (2g/10ml drinkable ampule), for the treatment of excessive fatigue (asthenia) and overwork, and one for children (0.5g/ 5ml drinkable ampule), to help reducing delay in educational progress, but also social problems. The drug was also used to treat cognitive disorders in patients with borderline psychopathological conditions. The drug is no longer used today, withdrawn from the market in France in 2003 (pediatric form) and 2010 (adult form). It may still be marketed in Russia.


Deanol (or DMAE) can enhance cognitive function and mood, due to its capacity to increase levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Many years ago, the compound was used as an ingredient in skin care. It is a close structural analog of choline, an essential nutrient. The objective with this compound was to help maintaining a healthy and young skin, as well as to improve memory and focus. 

The illustration referred to a sun-like face included in a brain-type form. The message was clear: to promote shiny health and brain function.

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