Listrocol® was a complex therapeutic preparation used to detoxify and protect the liver and to stimulate appetite. This drinkable product (in ampules) contained several types of plant extracts: extracts of rhubarb, artichoke, gentian, quassia and tincture of cardamone. It contained also nicotinamide (vitamin B3), folic acid (vitamin B9), cyanocobalamine (vitamin B12) and cynarin, also known as 1,3-dicaffeoylquinic acid. This latter compound is a polyphenol abundant in artichoke (Cynaracardunculus var. scolymus L.).

Cynarin is helpful to reduce serum and hepatic cholesterol levels. It is a natural antidiabetic agent, inhibitor of α-glucosidase. The compound displays free-radical scavenging, antioxidant and antigenotoxic activities. This natural product, present in many plants, is known to have immunomodulatory and anti-vitiligo properties. Cynarin has been shown to block the interaction between immune receptor CD28 of lymphocyte T-cells and its natural ligand CD80 of antigen presenting cells. Cynarin can protect the liver against hepatotoxicity induced by anticancer drugs or by toxins like acrolein, acting as a stimulant of bile secretion (choleretic effect) and metal-binding agent. The compound helps to control cholesterol levels and to improve gallbladder function. The hepatoprotective effects of artichoke and cynarin are well recognized.


The multicomponent nature of Listrocol® illustrated with cylinders of different heights and various colors. A complex phytopreparation to treat multicomponent hepatic disorders.

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