Rubitracine was an all-age medicine used to treat diverse microbial infections of the digestive, respiratory or urinary tracts, as well as dermatology infections. The drug was used in infants, children and adults, with different dosages and galenic forms. It provided a broad spectrum antibiotherapy, based on the combination of two major active ingredients: tetracycline chlorhydrate and erythromycin propionate. The fixed-dose association of these molecules has been found to strongly reinforce the potency of erythromycin propionate, via a potentiation of its pharmacokinetic properties. The drug is no longer used today, but the antibiotics erythromycin and tetracycline remain largely used independently or in combination with other antibiotics.

Different series of illustrations have been used to promote the product, notably a series of flags and pictures of a family. The memo “at any age, in all seasons” was the main message to promote the drug. The simplicity of use and security of the product were also highlighted. “Antibiotherapy magnified”, a clever message.

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