Hepacholine sorbitol® was recommended for the treatment of constipation, associated or not with a liver insufficiency. It was a liquid product, displayed in ampules (10 ml). The drug was used to control hepatic disorders and to reduce constipation. The main active principle, tricholine citrate, is a bile acid binding agent. This compound (a quaternary ammonium) removes bile acids from the body (lipotropic action) and thus promotes the production by the liver of more bile acids using endogenous cholesterol. In the present case, tricholine citrate was combined with sorbitol which exerts a marked osmotic, laxative action beneficial to relieve constipation. Choline citrate has been used also to mitigate the effects of Parkinsonism and tardive dyskinesia, and to regulate gallbladder and liver functions. Drug products containing tricholine citrate are still in use today, in some countries, to help reducing cholesterol level.

A little quote “the sun of the hepatic…” was indicated below the illustration of a sun made with ampules. One could say also “let the sunshine in…”.

Tricholine citrate

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