The drug Toplexil was used to treat cough in patients across all ages. With three galenic forms (syrup, capsule, suppository), the product was adapted to treat all age group and patients conditions. The product remains used today for the symptomatic treatment of non productive coughs, in particular to calm dry, irritated cough, especially when it occurs in the evening or at night. The cough suppressant activity is based in the action of the phenothiazine derivative oxomemazine which has antihistamine and anticholinergic properties. The anti-cough action, resulting from a preferential action on muscarinic M1 receptors, is reinforced upon combination of oxomemazine with the expectorant compound guaifenesin (also called glyceryl guaiacolate) also found in Toplexil.Guaifenesin works by thinning and loosening mucus in the airways, clearing congestion, and making breathing easier. Guaifenesin stimulates mucus discharge. By increasing hydration and decreasing the viscosity of mucus, guaifenesin improves clearance of accumulated secretions from the upper and lower airways. This product can be found in other drugs used to reduce mucus hypersecretion (notably in cases of chronic bronchitis).

A simple word-based illustration underlining the use of the product to treat cough (“toux” in French).

oxomemazine (left) and guaifenesin (right)
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