The drug Neuleptil® was prescribed to favor sociability in patients subject to a psychiatric deficit. The use of this antipsychotic drug was recommended to reduce patient’s aggressivity, hostility and impulsivity, and patient’s instability in general. The drug was sold under different formulations: injectable ampules, drinkable drops, and capsules containing 5mg of the active principle, propericiazine (also known as péricyazine). The neuroleptic drug Neuleptil® remains occasionally used today in psychiatry for the control of residual prevailing hostility, impulsiveness and aggressiveness.

Propericiazine is a phenothiazine derivative with marked antipsychotic properties. This first-generation antipsychotic agent was used as an adjunct to the short-term management of severe anxiety states and psychosis. The compound showed adrenolytic, anticholinergic, and extrapyramidal effects. It functions as a dopamine D2-receptor antagonist.


An artistic, colorful illustration of a tormented human character. The different mentions (aggressivity, impulsivity, latent hostility, sulking, morbidity, opposition) refers to the symptoms that could be reduced with the drug Neuleptil, with the objective to re-equilibrate the patient’s character

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