Algesal was a used for symptomatic relief of rheumatic and minor musculo-skeletal conditions including lumbago, fibrositis, sciatica, bruises and strains. The Algesal drug was a balm applicated by massaging the affected area. The two main active ingredients were nopoxamine (1%) and diethylamine salicylate (10%). Nopoxamine is a pinene derivative with muscle relaxant effect. This compound, also known as myrtecaine, can be used to treat rheumatism and to reduce muscle, ligament or joint pains. It has been frequently used to treat tendinitis for example, alone or in combination with other compounds like diethylamine salicylate. This latter molecule is a classical topical analgesic. Salicylates display anti-inflammatory effects (as NSAIDs). This balm can still be found in pharmacies. A classical drug used for more than 50 years to treat local body aches.

A series of evocative pictures to represent the anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatism effects of the balm and its local uses to reduce pains and body aches.

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