Ferivit® was a product mainly used to combat iron deficiency which is often associated with muscle weakness and fatigue. The drug was prescribed to facilitate recovery after hemorrhages, notably those occurring after surgery, or diverse hemorrhagic pathologies in the frame of digestive, dental, or genital diseases, for examples. The drug could be also prescribed in cases pf specific needs such as recovery and pregnancy. Ferivit contributed to the prevention of sarcopenia and frailty. It helped strengthen the immune system, promoting overall wellness and reducing the risk of microbial infections.

The drug contained iron cinnamate, useful to promote red blood cell metabolism. It included also vitamin B12 (cobalamine, essential to maintain cognitive functions), folic acid, and calcium pantothenate to improve cell growth performance. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is a necessary micronutrient that plays an essential role in maintaining the physiological function of an organism. Today, Ferivit-type products remain used for the treatment of anemia, or as a supplement for individuals with slow-healing wounds or skin conditions.

An illustration of the utility of the drug to combat fatigue, showing a group of smiling people but with two persons appearing with a (white) pale face. Pallor is a comon clinical sign of fatigue. The symptom of ‘pale face’ of anemic patients is generally higher than the normal population.

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