The “Solution Schoum” was extremely popular in the 1970s, mainly recommended to combat gastrointestinal tract disorders. The product was largely used to treat painful liver, gastric, or visceral conditions or other types of colicky pain affecting the gallbladder and biliary system for examples. The liquid product contained three plant extracts: (i) extract of fumitory (fumaria officinalis) also called earth smoke, which is a medicinal plant with antioxidant and immune-modulatory effects, (ii) extract of Piscidia erythrina (also known as Jamaica dogwood), also a well-knonw medicinal plant containing spasmolitic principles, and (iii) extract of bugrane (Ononis spinosa L.), a plant used to treat metabolic disorders. The three combined fluid extracts (together with mint oil) provided an original plant formula. The Schoum solution has become over the years a digestive ritual, largely in demand in French pharmacies.

The Schoum brand has a long history, initially developed in 1926 by a French doctor, it has become an iconic solution (as a food supplement) largely used to aid digestion and the body’s elimination functions. Schoum solution is a concentrate of plants selected to detoxify the liver and improve intestinal and digestive comfort. It was often used after heavy or overly rich meals to aid digestion. Solution Schoum remains available today in pharmacies (with a slightly modified composition).

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