Glutadouze® was a complex drug preparation prescribed essentially to treat anemia and asthenia. It could be used also to treat overwork, recovery (convalescence), or a mild stress-induced depression state. This liquid product (formulated in 10ml drinkable glass ampules) contained different organ extracts: liver extract (titrated in vitamin B12 – cyanocobalamine), pyloric antrum extract, spleen extract and cerebro-spinal extract, in addition to sodium glycerophosphate, and sodium glutamate. Multi-ingredient preparations were relatively common in the 1960s, but the use of combined complex extracts was not so frequent. The combination of vitamin B12 and glutamine helped recovery, notably in patients with anemia which is a common clinical symptom after a major surgery. This neurotonic drug provided strength and energy, hence the illustration of a strong butting bull. Glutadouze® is no longer commercialized today.

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